Selling Tips

Why you should list your home with us!

  1. Trained Negotiators,
    In addition to years of hands-on experience, we are Effective negotiators course graduates-trained to get you the best possible price and terms that suit you and instill confidence.
  2. Experience,
    Nothing says I know more than the experience of 100's of successful home sales on your side.
  3. Advertising,
    Your home will receive the necessary exposure so it stays fresh.
  4. Feedback,
    Weekly feedback sent to you that covers market changes and what buyer's response to your home really is.
  5. Thorough Analysis,
    No money left on the table after our indepth Market Analysis for an accurate appraisal of value of your home.
  6. Available,
    We are just a page away and promptly respond.
  7. Focus on Residential,
    We sell homes – "kitchen table" people. No commercial business or new home site obligations.
  8. Focus on Your Area,
    We only sell in areas in which we are confident we can do the job.
  9. Support Services,
    We have a full-time assistant so when we are engaged in customer service activities, your needs will still be addressed
  10. 1 Highly Visible Lawn Signs,
    20% of the exposure should be easy to see
  11. Stage Setting,
    We can help you get your home ready so you will get top value with a minimum of fuss and in the least time
  12. Open House for Purchasers,
    Always an option but not always required! We will discuss your options with you. Note: Open House on the Web 24/7
  13. Pictures,
    Of your Home promoting the finer details for all to view.
  14. Internet Site,
    Our website is constantly being promoted to steer people to our site and your home.
  15. Referral Service,
    We know people who know how to get things done. Which gets your home sold faster.
  16. Feature Sheets,
    Full colour feature sheets to make your home stand out in the minds of buyers who are trying to decide.


"First – Time Sellers",
Complete step-by-step program detailing all aspects of the selling process and an in-depth analysis of all costs associated with the sale. Insuring the sellers confidence. No Surprise Guarantee!

Townhouse & Condo – (Freehold, too),
We take a special interest in townhomes and condos. The rules and regulations of condo living are surrounded by many questions. We are familiar with them and will make sure you are too.

Executive Homes,
Your dream home is important to you! We want to help those dreams come true. Whether buying or selling, we take extra care to detail aspects of executive homes that we know people will want to know

Country Living,
The search for many peoples dream of living in peaceful surroundings "in the country" is ever present. It takes special knowledge & experience to provide the buyer and seller with a fair risk-free agreement. Call us first!